Crash tested ideas


  • Solely based on geo- chat - pure
  • No competitors, first with such idea


  • First app to combine all features
    for fishermen
  • Marketing started even before the
    app development phase, which
    allowed time for collecting features
    that users are interested in


  • Unique idea
  • No competitors
  • Continuous development of an
    idea and the adding of features
    based on user feedback


  • Ready database of stores ready to
    use the app
  • App was focused solely on
    features to make purchases

Failed ideas

"I want an application to combine the E-Commerce store, geolocations, chat, newsfeeds, video/photo editing, etc. I want to release the app and then redesign it properly once I have active users. There's no need for a design now.”

  1. Clogged with features and difficult for users to understand, making it difficult for them to find the right feature
  2. Bad design that doesn’t attract users
  3. Redesigning the app is hard for users to accept once they are familiar with the existing design

“I want a social network for students that can share their campus location, initiate chat, and share news.”

  1. Complicated registration process for students, limiting them to using college emails that don’t allow them to gain a critical number of users quickly
  2. Not enough features, which limited it to being a standard app

"I want an application like Facebook.”

  1. No differences from competitors
  2. Big competitor already on the market
  3. Non-competent budget

“I want an app like Foursquare. Each page should have a small ad, as well as a full screen one between screen transitions.”

  1. Viral ads are banned
  2. Users get tired of ads and remove the application
  3. Lots of competitors exist with less ads and more features

“I want app to block the phone when user is driving.”

  1. No technical possibility to block device button − not safe
  2. No desire to use alternative options, such as push notifications for exceeded speed

How it’s gonna be:

You provide information about your idea, such as the business goals and the target audience

Your request gets processed within 3 business days

You get "Yes" and "No" Feedback from worldwide experts in the areas of app development, sales, marketing, business development, and startups

We compare your idea to existing successful and unsuccessful competitors to display the average profitability statistics of your application

We make recommendations based on extensive market research

A team of experts begin to brainstorm ideas to add missing features that make you stand out from your competitors

Experts in the area of design and development provide a user-friendly interface recommendation

We guarantee full confidentiality and security of all your ideas!

  1. You provide information about your idea via the form below
  2. We analyze it with the group of marketing, business, sales, and design and development experts
  3. We send results to your email

So what will you get after
the crash test?

Crash test results are always useful to those who plan
to launch their own project

Market research

Monetization potential

Recommendations from Experts with over 5 years
of application experience

Comments from the 1k focus group

Extra features that can add spice to your application

Guaranteed confidentiality of all your ideas

App design advice

A list of minimal, viable product features
and a list of desirable ones

A free, estimated price quote

Recommendations for choosing your
developmental platform

A risk assessment

Upon crash test completion, we give you a huge discount
($10/hour off for the first 2 months of development with our company.)

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